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Investor Intelligence is your reliable resource for the balanced and unbiased market intelligence, realistic projections and insider analysis needed to navigate the hemp and cannabis industry, research private investment opportunities and conduct your own due diligence.

For private equity managers and decision makers investigating cannabis opportunities:

  • Hear straight from the management teams and CEOs of private and public companies
  • Get realistic intel on valuations, projections and risk calculations, plus insights into the impact of evolving state and federal regulations
  • Identify viability, scalability and overall potential of cannabis and hemp businesses

For cannabis industry executives looking to place capital or expand into other sectors:

  • Gain unique perspectives on new markets, states and niches ripe for expansion
  • Use data, projections and insights on valuations to better negotiate deals
  • Add value to your holdings while helping newcomers and startups push the industry forward

Incorporating deep industry knowledge and connections to thought leaders throughout the industry, MJBizDaily’s Investor Intelligence helps bring clarity and understanding to the forces that drive the cannabis market forward.

Investor Intelligence is designed to help you make deals in the next 3-18 months that you will be patting yourself on the back for 3-5 years from now.


Get your personalized access, unbiased projections and market insights that are critical to making capital investments in the cannabis industry.


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  • Detailed analysis and insights straight from industry experts
  • Insights into valuation trends and the latest deals & mergers
  • Risk analysis, time-sensitive analysis of major industry developments
  • Meaningful data, realistic projections and key investment metrics



Membership Privileges Include:

Data & Market Updates for Investors:

Get meaningful analysis and overviews of key industry developments, data updates, overviews of the latest deals, sector breakdowns, risk assessments and valuation intel.

Webcasts: Live Interviews with Industry Leaders:

Be introduced to prominent CEOs in the cannabis and hemp industries: ask questions and gain insights directly from influential thought-leaders. Plus hear questions other investors are asking.

Advice & Intel From Seasoned Cannabis Investors:

Learn from investors who have already pumped tens of millions of dollars into cannabis companies: common mistakes, key metrics, overviews of management teams and insights into performing due diligence.

Investing Landscape & Timely Analysis of New Developments:

Focused, analytical reports featuring the most current and relevant data.

Plus: a deeper dive into breaking deals, major developments and emerging trends.

Special Report: Investment Opportunity Assessment: U.S. Hemp:

Subscribe now and get our latest 2019 report Investment Opportunity Assessment: U.S. Hemp, which offers a look into the intricacies of new regulations, legal issues and business verticals that investors in the hemp industry should consider.

Members-Only Benefits:

Easy, online access to all the robust, in-depth industry data & analysis from the editors and analysts at Marijuana Business Daily – the most trusted, credible news source in the cannabis industry.

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  • Data & Expectations for Canada’s cannabis industry over the next 12 months




At just $249/quarter, an individual membership in Investor Intelligence is possibly one of the least-risky investments in the cannabis industry that you can make.

If you are not completely satisfied with the Insider access and unbiased market intelligence you get with Investor Intelligence, simply cancel at any time and we will be happy to refund for any unused months.


Investor Intelligence is a subsidiary of MJBizDaily and MJBizCon. Articles and insights also appear in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Harvard Business Review, FORTUNE and Barron’s.